Our Services

Appraisal Services

Fine Art Asset Management, LLC provides USPAP, insurance and IRS-compliant appraisals which help clients know what they own, ensure adequate insurance coverage, quantify damage losses, ensure equitable distribution, and facilitate tax and estate planning.

Know what you own
  • Document and appraise existing art and antique assets
Insurance Coverage
  • Appraise collection to ensure adequate insurance coverage
Insurance Claims
  • Assess diminution of value of insured property resulting from damage or loss
  • Prepare USPAP/IRS compliant appraisals of gifted items
  • Appraise art and antique assets to ensure equitable distribution
Tax/Estate Planning
  • Issue USPAP/IRS compliant appraisals for estate planning, settlement, and probate
Expert Witness
  • Provide expert testimony in litigation involving art assets